Upcoming game on April 19th

Even if we only have 4 or 5 players, we will run this next session on April 19th. To do so, we need the players help.

Please write up a history for your character and submit it by March 28th. If you're still working on your character, we need both by that point, please. If you have bunks to sumbit, those also need to be in so we can approve them and assign values to them.

If your character would have any weapons, please keep in mind that you will need physical respresentation of them. If you need help, please let us know. Remember that only safe, non-edged non-metal props are allowed. Don't be bringing your museum replica sword or anything like that. Foam and cardboard are preferred.

If you do not have your character, and/or history in by that point it will be difficult for us to tie in plot to your character. We want you all to enjoy this game, so please work with us on this.

Also, if you know anyone else who might remotely be interested in the game, please let them know about it and direct them either to this website, the yahoogroup, or they can contact the game email for more info.

Thanks everyone!

First Game - Please Read-

Greeting to all interested in playing in The Forgotten!

Since the first game date is now just under a week away, and we've yet to have a single character submission, we are unable to fully run our first session (and will likely have to change our off-site session as well).

Don't count us out, though!

The Forgotten will be getting potential players, staff, and cast together Saturday the 1st of March, at the USM Campus/Student Center. We'll be helping people make characters and possibly doing some crafting as well. This will be a short session, obviously, and I'm counting on it only being a few hours (maybe 3, depending on how many show up). We may also have some minor character interaction, once characters are made up.

If you are interested in playing, we would really like you to attend this session and make your character. Our plot is going to be highly player driven, and without knowing what characters we have it's extremely difficult for us to plan.

Please bring a copy of The Shining Host if you have one (or are borrowing one from me). There will be a couple copies available if you don't have one. The only other thing you'll need is your imagination.

Saturday March 1st, 2008
USM Student Center, Portland
2pm - 5pm-ish

Hope to see you all there!! :-)


New Info on the Game

Here are a few of the things we’ve been thinking about for The Forgotten. These are just a few of the things we’ll be adding to the WOD system to change things up and hopefully address problems we’ve seen in various games over the years.

Birthrights – you don’t get them for that game unless you’re in costume. That doesn’t mean you have to have the coolest costume ever, but you have to put an honest effort into it.

The tag system:

All around the building there are going to be different colored tags. Those of you from Boffer will be familiar with this, but I don’t think it’s been done in quite this way in a WOD LARP before in this area. These tags will be based on Abilities, Backgrounds, and even a few Merits and Flaws.

For instance:

You have the Remembrance background. You’re wandering around and see a sparkly blue tag on a necklace, which you know is a Remembrance tag. You read the tag and it tells you that while you were looking at the necklace it suddenly occurred to you that you’d seen it before – in a previous incarnation that necklace belonged to an Eshu who had died of a mysterious curse. It also says to destroy this tag once you’ve read it. You do so, and now you’ve gotten a piece of information for the plot that nobody else has thanks to your background.


Your Pooka and some of his friends want to break into the Sidhe Knight’s private chambers because you think he’s hiding something from the court. You arrive and find a red Security tag on the door. Your friend tries the door and it’s locked. You tell them to step back, that you know how to handle this. You read the Security tag, because you’re the only one in the group with the ability, and it tells you what kind of lock is on the door and that you must currently have at least 6 mental traits and one minute to get around this lock. It tells you that if you beat that number of traits you hear gears on the other side of the door turn and the door clicks open. It also says if you do not beat that number of traits you still take the minute attempting to open it and then the doorknob turns into a cuff and slams around your wrist, trapping you. It gives the stats of the cuff incase anyone wants to try to get it off of you.

This is our way of giving people things to do that don’t require a storyteller, as well as a chance to get more information out there to people, which will keep things moving. It will make your choices on Abilities, Backgrounds, and Merits/Flaws more important, as they will come into play more often.

Cast Members:

Cast members are going to be staff members whose job it is to play different NPCs all night long. They may show up as a Boggan who has some neat toy he’s invented and wants to share, or maybe a Sluagh who lives nearby and is having a problem with a local NPC Redcap that he needs some of the players help with. Then again, maybe three of them will show up together as the enemy, itching for a fight. They will have various wigs, clothes, and makeup to play their parts, so that the players don’t mistake them for their last character. The Cast of the game are there to keep the story moving, the plot flowing, and the players interested – and of course they’ll be enjoying themselves while doing so.


Throughout the night there will be times when some of the players will need to accomplish something and go off with an NPC. Usually the group size will be limited – maybe to get to the magical lake you have to drink a potion and there are only five potions available. So the group will decide who’s going and go to an area set aside and decorated just for that plot/group. They will play there, so as not to disturb the other players during that time, and because it’s set up with what they’ll need for that module.

There will also be a module to bring in new characters to the game. Whether it’s one player or five, the staff will run them through a module first thing in the game that will introduce them to the game a bit and give them a reason to seek out the other players. For instance, the newbies could be brought into town by one of the only Eshu who knows the way there, but on their way in they are attacked and the Eshu killed. Before he dies, he is able to hand one of the players a note that must be delivered to the Troll Knight in charge of the Dukes guards. He impresses on them how important this is. Now they have a few things to figure out – how do they get to town, do they read the note and find out why it’s so important or do they just do as they were told. They must also find that Troll Knight when they arrive, which may get them into another adventure altogether.

This was no new character is left wandering around the streets of the town with no real reason to be there or anything to do, until someone happens to run into them and say hello. That means no new players feeling left out or bored first thing of their first game.
Dr Who - Bad Wolf

Thank You

Many thanks to semmons for getting me the texts needed to start the plotting. While we had the basics thought up, this is going to help immensely in getting all the little gaps filled in and get us running. The sooner we have an idea of what costumes/props we need to make the better, because March will be here in no time!

Joanns is having some pretty awesome sales right now, for anyone who has an idea for a character. You may want to check it out and get what you'll need while it's cheap.

As always, any thoughts, questions, etc... just give me a holler.


Welcome to the Livejournal community for the Changeling LARP The Forgotten.

We are new LARP based in Portland, Maine. The majority of our games are run through the University of Maine student organization: Interactive Simulations Group. We also have a weekend long game planned, which will run at the M.A.S.I. (Maine Adventure Society Inc) site in Jefferson, Maine.

We have five events scheduled for the 2008 season:

March 1st - USM Student Center, Portland
April 19th - USM Student Center, Portland
June 6th-8th - MASI site, Jefferson
Sept 6th - USM Student Center, Portland
Nov 1st - USM Student Center, Portland

It is the goal of this game to bridge some of the gap that exists between Boffer LARP and WOD LARP by combining elements of the two while still staying focused on the Mind's Eye Theatre concept. This will be a game heavily focused on costuming and props. Players are required to be in appropriate costume and make-up to portray their character, and to carry safe representations of items they may be carrying (such as weapons and armor). The staff of The Forgotten will be holding several workshops throughout the year to assist players in how to make costumes and props for their characters, and are always available to help on an individual basis. This game will also make use of a rotating cast of NPCs, for those not interested in being a player-character.

This Livejournal community is moderated in regards to membership. If you have an interest in taking part in the game you are welcome. This moderation is only to restrict membership to only those interested in taking part in the game.

If you have any questions about this game, please contact the staff at .

Thank you for your interest in our game and we hope to see you in March!

Game Director - Angelica Harmon
Storyteller - Robert Dunham
Storyteller - Brandin Turner